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Savvier Fitness

Savvier Fitness focuses on the development of innovative fitness, health and wellness products and educational programs which are then licensed to manufacturers, marketers and distributors.

Savvier Fitness has developed, marketed and distributed products direct to consumers and to the professional fitness industry. Savvier Fitness hard good products such as Gliding® discs, Bender Ball® and Booty Kicker™ have sold millions of units and are recognized in the professional fitness markets as the category creators (i.e. sliding discs did not exist before the patented Gliding® discs were launched in 2004).


Working in collaboration with top fitness professionals, the Savvier Fitness educational programs, such as Barre Above®, Tabata Bootcamp™, and Gliding® have certified thousands of fitness instructors and personal trainers, and the programs have been taught in major health clubs around the world, including 24 Hour Fitness®, Equinox®, In-Shape®, Gold's Gym®, and many more making Savvier Fitness a trusted name in program creation. 

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Programs & Products


Awesome Abs™



A complete online collection of 50 Awesome Abdominal and Core Exercises brought to you by 3 of the best minds in the fitness industry. Includes an interactive learning multimedia lab describing the science of core stability and evidence-based research answers to all of your pressing questions about functional abdominal training.

Barre Above®



Barre Above® offers classic barre choreography, plus options for Pilates, high-intensity & strength, ballet, trendy dance, and active-aging fusion classes. Barre Above® blends the latest exercise science with the principles of the Lotte Burke method (the genesis of the Barre movement) delivering a fusion of ballet, pilates, yoga and strength training in each workout.

Barre Sox®



The beauty of ballet meets fitness functionality. These super soft fitness socks absorb slippery perspiration to help keep your feet and toes dry. The grippy rubber dots on the sole provide traction and stability! Our half toe design allows your toes to spread out for a more natural barefoot balance. 

Bender Ball®



The secret to great Ab results is the Bender Method of Core Training, created by Pilates and Barre Master Trainer Leslee Bender. The Bender Ball allows you to work your abs in extension and flexion with a greater range of motion that a standard crunch. This method of Selective Stabilization is perfect for targeting your upper core, lower abs, side obliques, upper back and lower back.

Best Booty™



This is a complete online collection of 50 Amazing Glute & Leg Exercises brought to you by 3 of the best minds in the fitness industry. The program includes an interactive learning multimedia lab describing the science of lower body training. Plus, it includes evidence-based research of the newest training techniques for optimizing muscular fitness.

Booty Kicker®



The portable, storable, affordable barre that kicks your booty! Now you can do your favorite barre exercises in the comfort of your own home - work your abs, arms, legs, core and booty. Perfect for strength, cardio, ballet and barre. Unique design provides stability for many push, pull, and balance exercises.

Cardio Yoga™



A flowing sequence of Dynamic Yoga Asanas (yoga postures set into dynamic movement). The entire class is structured as a guided meditation using a revolutionary method for teaching and layering physical and emotional cues. Based on the science of power postures, movement patterns are specifically designed and cued to evoke emotion creating uplifting feelings of joy and confidence.

Extreme HIIT®



The Extreme HIIT workout design is grounded in the current science of HIIT and the best practices of the industry. With various ratios of high-intensity work followed by periods of rest, Extreme HIIT allows you, the instructor, to introduce progressive levels of muscle challenging chaos for your students to then self select what is just right for them.




Gliding® is The Original Sliding Disc Exercise System. The original, authentic, patented sliding disc exercise system! Gliding discs are used by gyms, health clubs and studios across the country. Invented by IDEA Fitness Leader of the Year Mindy Mylrea, the soft, flexible discs are covered in tight weave nylon fabric so they slide easily on hardwood surfaces, but provide just the right amount of resistance. 

Pumped Up Strength®



Pumped Up Strength is a new approach to resistance training. Utilizing combination movement patterns in a targeted, rhythmic progression, its superpower is the dynamic integration of upper and lower body movements set to fun music. The result? A sweat-drenched, functionally efficient workout that will challenge your body in new ways, improve lean muscle mass, and rev your metabolism.

Tabata GX™



Tabata GX™ is grounded on not only the science of why HIIT is so affective, but this turn-key program hands you the keys to a class unlike any other. Whether you teach 30-45-60 minutes Tabata GX™ provides a plug and play patterning principle that take into account every aspect of work to rest ratio and timing knowledge.

21 Barre™



21 Days of Barre delivers a diverse library of 21 amazing workouts from top leaders in Barre Fitness! It is an incredible library that provides classic barre workouts for strength and total body conditioning, as well as cardio based barre, high intensity barre, pilates focused barre workouts, ab/core focused workouts, belly dance-infused barre, and active aging focused barre workouts for all levels.

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